The HCG Diet Audiobook by Michelle Jones

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Maybe you have heard of the HCG diet and know what it is, or you’ve seen it on the Internet, and you’re wondering what it’s all about. This diet isn’t just a diet, it also hormone therapy designed to help your metabolism and your eating habits. This amazing diet is broken into four phases to help you lose the most weight you can, and during the first two, you will be taking HCG through pills, drops, or injections.
HCG, however, isn’t what helps you to lose weight; instead, it helps make the weight loss easier and prevents you from reaching “starvation mode.” The trick is to figure out how to eat your allowed 500 calories during phase two, and then healthy options for your transition and maintenance period. That’s what this book is here to help you do.
Throughout this book you will discover:

Breakfast recipes in all phases
Main dishes in all phases
Healthy appetizers
Healthy sides
And much more

All of the recipes will be marked for the particular phase it is for, taking out all of the guesswork. To help make your lifestyle change easier, get this audiobook for all of its valuable recipes.

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The HCG Diet Audiobook by Michelle Jones