HCG R1P2VLCD2 Fast Day Results after 3 Day Load

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3 Day Load weight: 3.6 gain
VLCD 1- Fast Day- 3.4 loss (this is not fat fast, just fast- lots of water)

Fast Day Results after 3 Day Load – HCG R2P2VLCD2


After gaining 3.6 lbs loading over the course of 3 days prior to starting the vlcd for HCG Injections, I fasted my first vlcd to jumpstart the whole process and was down 3.4 lbs after the fast day! In all honesty I wasn’t even really hungry while fasting which is surprising. Seemed to work just fine for me. I haven’t done a fast day since (I’m am beyond Round 4 now as of this writing) while on HCG. I may employ it in the future, but I tend to like to have some research under my belt before I feel confident with doing something and there just isn’t research that I can find that combines fasting with HCG- anyone who knows me knows that sparing muscle is one of my most important concerns, so I never want to jeopardize my muscle for the sake of experimentation or to make the scale go down faster. See full article here: http://hcgchica.com/fast-day-results-after-3-day-load-hcgdietr2p2vlcd2/

HCG R1P2VLCD2 Fast Day Results after 3 Day Load