My HCG Phase 2 Recipes, E-Book.

The E-Book, that shows you the calorie count for each meal.

The first chapter is about the HCG diet protocol and has a brief, but a complete explanation, of what you should do, and even more important, what you can not do, in each phase of the HCG diet.

For Phase 1, you will find important advice about what to eat, and other helpful and important information.

In Phase 2, eight important pieces of advice, about what to do, in this critical phase, and more important, what not to do.

If you want to have success in your weight loss goals, please follow all the advice stated in the book. And consult a doctor, before starting your weight loss diet.

You will also find an HCG diet food list for phase 2. This was really not necessary, because, starting on page 9, you will find a 40-day full menu, for HCG phase 2, with the ingredients list, and cooking instructions.

For phase 3 and phase 4, there is a food list, explaining what you can and can not eat, and also some important pieces of advice regarding general but important aspects of this two phases.

Also, as a bonus, there are four pages of beverages, specific for the HCG diet phase 2.

After the beverages, starting on page 9, to 57, you will find the most important section of the book, HCG diet how to cook phase 2. There is a 40-day full menu for phase 2 of the HCG diet, using the only doctor and nutritionist recommended food, and cooking methods,. All the meals show their calorie count.

That is the greatest advantage of having this book. In phase 2, the most important and critic phase, you are only allowed to eat some foods, and also the calorie count for each day, cannot be greater than the allowed limit. Which means that without the book, before deciding what to eat in each meal, people must consult the allowed food list, a calorie table, and before starting to cook the meal, be sure that all the ingredients are HCG phase 2 compliant, and that the calorie count for each day does not exceed the allowed limit. This is truly a 101 worry-free HCG HCG recipes cookbook, for HCG phase 2.

40 Full days menu, for HCG diets, including:
– 80 meals HCG diet recipes phase 2, with step by step instructions,  and calorie count for each meal. Groceries list included.
– Precise directions, to follow for each of the 4 HCG diet phases.
– Allowed beverages, for HCG diet

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